Battery Management System

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The development of energy storage technology makes several practical problems in batteries. In addition, based on the characteristics battery, overcharging and overdischarging will reduce availability of active material at the positive electrode, which will reduce cell performance and can explosions in some cases. To solve the above problem, Battery Management System (BMS) becomes a powerful tool for making packaging the battery runs safely and effectively. We will continue to develop the Battery Management System with new innovations that can solve problems for battery monitoring.

Embeded System

Currently, we are developing electronic powered devices that have a Battery Management System (BMS) architecture that is designed and implemented by running a series of mechanisms to protect the battery from harmful risks.

SoC monitor Interface.

Developing to monitor important data such as the SoC in the battery management system that is linked to the battery device, we are currently developing software which can be accessed on the playstore.


We have more than
ten years of experience

The system design that we have developed will be tested in several implementations, such as being used in monitoring the battery in the energy smart system, then it can be implemented on electric bicycles and so on.