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One of the most common energy storage media used, from clocks, portable devices to electric cars starting directed to be a substitute for conventional fuel is the battery. The best battery technology today is the lithium-ion battery. Recently, applications of lithium rechargeable batteries have been extended to transportation (eg, electric cars) or large-scale energy storage systems that require high energy and power. Therefore, we continue to provide renewable innovations to develop the lithium-ion storage capacity, cycle life and capability.

Real Time Monitoring

The firmware and software that we have developed can send real time data with a delay of approximately 1 second. This makes it easy to monitor usage data in real time.

A Hybrid System

The energy smart system uses a hybrid that can set a prioritized line of electricity to always be on and can switch to an electric line with the conditions required by the user.

Cost Saving

The photovoltaic cells do a number of things for our environment—by which we mean they don’t do the harmful things. The more your system produces, the more you can save with solar panels. 


We develop products in the field of energy storage to support sustainable energy