Lithium-ion Battery

higher energy density, voltage capacity and lower self-discharge

Lithium-ion battery is one type of rechargeable secondary battery which is can be recharged and an environmentally friendly battery because it doesn’t contain ingredients that dangerous like batteries that developed first, namely the NI-Cd. This battery has advantages compared to other types of secondary batteries, and have energy storage stability excellent (durability up to 10 years or more), high density energy, and light weight compared to other types of batteries. So with the same weight of energy that lithium batteries produce twice from other types of batteries.

Lithium-Ion Battery request from year to year always increases and also demand for the ability to save longer energy and also life cycle that increases, it’s all related to the development of the world of the electronics industry and telecommunications that has developed so fast like cellular phone, computer tablet or electric car. Lithium-Ion Battery is a battery can store electrical energy in a long period of time length, and one of the factors that influencing its properties is the quality of the material electrode (anode/cathode), and one of the efforts to improve the performance of the battery, then one way is to improve the quality of the electrodes used




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